I wanted  to make a easy place, that had the antique charme but so glam, like a puff of face powder. Sheltered from the fast fashions but connected with the contemporary style.

Love Retro offers an eclectic selection of vintage clothing and accessories combined with seasonal collections of the boutique and the creations of the space dedicated to temporary shop. By partnering with local seamstresses those who buy a vintage piece can to customize it or have it tailored.
Love Retrò was born for this : to revive the fashion twice … with feet firmly on the ground and head in the clouds .



I am Alice Tolu , born March 14, 1982 in Cagliari.

After the Marangoni Fashion School in Milan, began my career for the brand Alessandro de Benedetti, who at the time was the creative director of  Extè too.
The experiences from Alessandro and after in the product’s office from Raphael Lopez, I got to know all steps of the creative process: from design to implementation. At the same time working as a freelance stylist  for various fashion magazines and until the collaboration with Glamour Italy i come back in Cagliari for to create Love Retrò, in november 2010.