Is it the Beauty or the Beast?

I just started reading the book by Fabriano Fabbri “The event horizon” on widely varying fashion styles. Interesting. Very, I’m eating. I go out to buy on newsstands the last issue of L’officiel Italy, before it’s over, I really want, is one of the few uncoated glossy magazine that keep buying. I open it, Sabrina! It all makes sense!

The editorial by photographer Asger Carlsen, artist exhibited at the last Berlin Biennale, known for his distorted images, styled by Moreno Galatà, snaps for L’Officiel Italy “Art Manipulation” by interpreting the new collections in an almost surrealist.

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The question is: I am looking at the beautiful or the beast?


What does this have to do with reading Fabbri a magazine considered frivolous? Yes, superficial, what can you do, speaks only of fashion. Yet we tend to regard it as the last wheel of the arts, still, to quote the usual cliché, it is considered superfluous. To most people just need to cover their nakedness. Not really.

Any fashion-object, including L’officiel Italy, which derives from a deep search, as inspiration, which creates induced and innovation cannot be devalued, put on the same plane of the eternal dilemma of “what to wear today?” in front of a closet full of clothes. No mention of the amount or cost of stupid obsessions from fashion victims sometimes grotesque and embarrassing to the Viewer as well as for the wearer. We talk about design, we speak of feelings, of people inspired by artists in every respect. A collection is a major project like a film, any art that requires preparation. Now I get it. We return to the question: I’m looking at the beautiful or the beast? Just in the first pages of his book F expresses the need to approach fashion with the same grid of interpretation of art criticism. He devoted himself to the cause of beauty or the cause of the beast.

Fabbri says:”All that which meets the parameters of a canonical and instinctively elegant , stylish, eternalbeauty, is Beauty with a capital “B”. But there is a much more radical conterpart, symbolically connectable to the metaphor of the Beast, wich on the contrary plants its claws in a removed dimension…Do we want to change the characteristics of the body or do we prefer to cover it to make us more attractive?


Comme des Garçon AW 10/11

There is no denying that aesthetics is part of art, in the case of fashion beauty comes through experimentation with forms, and as explained by blacksmiths, sometimes bestial forms, where the seduction lies in interpretation. A bit like realism and abstraction. The sense is that the object-moda is a medium that can become a fine art image, interpretable or light it is, an image that conveys a concept.

Reflection must also lead to a magazine, though an understatement to call it in these terms, because the key to understanding the culture of fashion is to remark, no snobbery.

And if an artist of the world scene that specifically did not do with fashion, but he joined as one of the many figurative expressions to convey their artistic vision, how can it be considered a minor art fashion yet?

We analyze the stylists as the Van Gogh of century nascent and 20th century just past, wary from the photos of outfits made and ended up leading street style to a condition inferior to what was until the advent of the blogger phenomenon. Of course, the inspiration comes of the way, but if the road is no more spontaneity, maybe we should be careful not to lose sight of all the art forms that make us instinctively close my eyes to imagine.

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