Depop, your purse shop

Perseverance and patience.
Very true, but i’m never going to sell of depop, at this rate…maybe to 50 years!

Depop is an application for smartphones that allows you to sell and buy from private, became popular through the use of famous blogger and lately used by the celebrities for charity.
Marketing team of Depop you’ve earned an A-plus!
The idea is brilliant, smart like everything is now. So much smart that wins not be, language and pic included. Apparently simple, actually is a meticulous combination.
The aesthetic rules to follow are very specific: photo with natural light, neutral background preferably, few frills. It’s important a clear perception of what it wants to buy.

13653493_1661299734190459_2138448296665070833_o                  13669421_1661302934190139_5782646737070916726_o 13923264_1661300250857074_3404594303049833941_o


Everything has to be immediately evident at the first picture.
Then, to show everyone, we can expect that the app will choose again and again for the board of “chosen by us”.
Then, we can expect to sell.
Diligence, social talent, luck.
Born to sell socializing, with the sociability of social means, full of hearts and smiley faces.
I don’t know if I like it.
At the moment there’s one thing that I like most of all: I poke around in the closet of Dita von Teese, a dream! (she’s in here, on depop).

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