Poiret, a man of vision

Fashion is planning, symptom of social and cultural change.

Design a fashion collection means designing a lifestyle, think of the whole message you want to communicate to 360°reflecting on ways to be used to disclose it. I’m not just talking about branding. Before the fashion blogger there were artists that told their time by a dress.

Poiret, just saying.
The revolutionary Paul, who in the early 900 drew fluctuating geometries in spite of sadistic corsets and laces dangerous to health of woman. Broken ribs and tuberculosis were among the most frequent disasters being fashionable in the Belle Èpoque.

Fashion becomes a rethink of female behavior, a totalitarian change.
But like most times, we find him with Chanel in the 30’s and Armani, Moschino and Krizia in Italy in the 80’s and so on. etc…and is not all, but stop! Anyways, let’s do this.
Poiret deletes the corset, the woman’s immobility constriction, social immobility included.
His sketches dancing, reminiscent of the charming nonchalance of the femme fatale of the Roaring 20. Harem pants, humpel skirt, turban, cloak-kimono, bewitching odalisques wipe out strutting hourglasses.


********: Creation de Paul Poiret tiree de "Les Robes de Paul Poiret", dessin de Paul Iribe. 1911. Volterra, Baths*** Permission for usage must be provided in writing from Scala.

Light and frilly dresses are literally promoted through fluids sketches showing the loose and natural line. The designer had realized the importance of promoting and interactivity of art, not surprisingly made use of famous illustrators like Paule Iribe and George Lepape. Drugs with him the ranks of the colorists Fauves colorists and influenced mainly by Derain, contrasting pastel shades of his colleagues, including Worth.


Hello! Modern branding.

The tailor who coordinates its own brand.
On the importance of the sketch to the finished product, up to the promotion to complete the sale.

You could say that Poiret marked the transition from being a tailor, to become an entrepreneur.

Poiret possessed investment acumen: was responsible for contacts with magazines of the period, the Gazette du bon ton at the first; took care of everything of his atelier, visual included for the big windows of studio; he took care of the business decisions and was the first to organize fashion shows are touring Europe, with nine mannequin, to promote their creations. As the most navigate today’s fashion house, launched lady’s perfume carry the bottles from … not less than…the big Lalique.

Raoul Dufy per l'atelier MartineAlso approaches to interior design with the consultation of some experts of the time, Raoul Dufy. Outside of Paris conventions opened an art school that was named Martine, his daughters. Recruited children 11 years old and leaves them completely free to express yourself. By the idea of their patterns realized fabrics and carpets.


His other illustrious colleagues have followed in his footsteps, but he was the precursor, the revolutionary.

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